Pretty In Pink...

I'm an internationally published model. I am a ladies of metal spokes model. I have an awesome boyfriend. I mostly use this for my modeling photos. If you have any other questions ask me!

pierced-cuties asked: did you just get your nips done??? feel free to submit<3


I got them done a while ago but your free to use my pictures, just credit me.

gimme-d-a-t-candy asked: Hi, I really like your blog and you are super cute too :)


Thank you!!

tastfulpornography asked: Hey, I'd love a submission from you for topless Tuesday if you're interested. Your breasts look amazing!


Go for it!

livefastnoregret asked: Hey Beautiful Where Are You From


Back and fourth between Atlanta can’t Los Angeles.

savagebot asked: You are simply stunning and I'm curious to know what your ethnicity is?


Costa Rican!!